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Horse Yoga

by Shantara Mu April, 2016

Starburst as a young foalI LOVE horses,
Always have, Riding and relationship with my horses is my PASSION.

One of the Great Blessings of Crestone and our backyard from Sacred Mountain Retreat, in Colorado, is that it is truely Heaven for horses, NO fences and endless miles of wilderness, freedom to just to get on your horse and ride!! Great sand, dirt and trails along and up the mountains, by the rivers, and thru the Aspen's, pines, pinons, and neighborhood dirt roads. So few people and ssoo much quiet space.

Shantara and StarburstHorse Yoga was a natural yoga to include into our Crestone Retreat and horses were one of the very first things I was shown that would be inclusive and beneficial to the energy of the retreat!

Yoga is communion, the linking of spirit and matter, body soul, connected to the wholeness of Great Mother's body, air water fire plants soil, all her life abundant everlasting and a gift to us HUman. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is LOVE, we are all that, big and small, finite, infinite.

KhaliberHorse yoga is my way of saying that I am sharing and learning in this conscious YOGIC communion every time I am One with horses...

Horses, especially those that are bought into a conscious loving field of interaction, respond naturally and share naturally who they are, and are opened to grow in their spirit.

Their emotional bodies are just as connected and powerful as ours. Their growth depends on healthy relationships, and they carry and hold onto much less baggage and illusions than the 2 leggeds do.

TayanaiThey have past lives, yes human lives, and they show us. Some want, and shall have more human lives. Some are beginning their conscious meditation path, others more advanced than most 2 leggeds.

Their teachings are pure and simple as they stay in direct connection with Great Mother and are extremely gentle, forgiving, and loving beings. Their uncontaminated relationship with the earth keeps them pure and uncluttered, free of illusions, unlike the 2-leggeds who claim domination over all life on this Divine planet!!

Virochana and AladinThey live Yoga pure and simple, no words, no judgements...

In a Divine relationship such as this, mutual respect and enduring strength occurs. THIS is they offer to us, A gift profound beyond all words!!! πŸ’™ πŸ’“ πŸ’œ πŸ’š πŸ’— πŸ’–

We co create this relationship, every time a new horse is bought to us, simply by BEing in direct relationship with them.

Kalia MaEach horse is different their own person and each one brings a magic to the herd. I have learned a lot, about the natural Unified Field dynamics. And over the 20 years we have lived with our horses, these individual and collective, or herd, relationships have expanded thrived, and& advanced us all, in YOGA and living a Yogic life...

Horse Yoga is EVERYTHING horse. Ones awareness becomes acute as to their need for conscious shelter, mutual respect, food, water, space, saddles, keeping them healthy, clean, is a must; a healthy relationship muchlike any loving relationship one chooses to enter into... We have found riding with No bits in their mouths is far superior, comfortable, and reduces stress. I believe it is cruel to put metal restraints into horses mouths. Our Arabians are all more relaxed, trusting, healthier, and easier to ride like this!!

happy We also found taking shoes off horses makes their feet stronger, more balanced, healthier, and their gait better, this overall well being is obvious. We ride as a herd, a bringing as many as we can running free and happy to stay with the herd and have a lot of FUN.

Our horses grazing in a High Mountain Meadow above Sacred Mountain RetreatWhen and if you choose to enter into conscious relationship, or Horse Yoga with horses, you shall be surprised how much you learn about yourself, if you are willing to surrender to this.

This is what I love to share with willing souls; and You are welcome to email me if you wish to learn Horse Yoga, to come participate in all that we can offer, and become a student of Horse Yoga...

In a Life Blessed, with Grace Love and Gratitude for every day.
Om Ah Humm Swaha, Jai Ho Great Mother πŸ’š πŸ’œ πŸ’™ πŸ’— πŸ’–

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