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Short blogs reflecting on a particular nuance or subject. Often fun to read, insightful, and in the moment - enjoy!

My Two Cents- a Blessing from Hari Baba

June, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

A few years back we came into the company of the incomparable Hari Baba. He is the guru of Pilot Baba, and while no longer in the physical body, he can project a body that can be seen and touched for a period of time. Pilot Baba writes in his books of how Hari Baba after saving him, or giving him a significant teaching, would always ask for 2 rupees... read more

Nuances of Pranic Nourishment in Breatharianism

March, 2016 by Virochana Khalsa

While the commonly shared experience of feeding ourselves on prana from the universe as a defining aspect of breatharianism is valuable, for me, it does not quite capture it correctly. In this short blog, i reflect on a more nuanced understanding which i believe better supports an enlightened view and opens the door to greater beauty of awareness. read more

Reflections on Spiritual Tradition

June, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

Through inspired practices and sharing, they help bring the vague into a tangible feeling and mindset. A strength comes from a family of like-minded people, helping each other with spiritual values. read more

Is There an Edge to the Universe?

July, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

As a child around the age of 10 I would often lie in bed and contemplate infinity and the edge of the universe. Is there an edge, or does it keep going forever? If there is an edge, then what is past that, and what is it that can go past that in awareness? read more

Experiencing a Mini Yuga in Samadhi

July, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

One time while taking a break from my inner service to a 11 day fire ceremony in the Himalayas, but still in deep meditation, I went up to a light that an immortal brought forth in me and above the large tent. There I met... read more

Transparency of Thoughts

June, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

As a kid, from a young age I had an inner conviction that everyone could hear my thoughts and attitudes as easily as I did. The firmness of this remained even into my twenties when the slowly accepted logic of observation showed otherwise. read more

The Happiness Tree

May, 2015 by Virochana Khalsa

The view from the window looked upon a tree with pinkish colored leaves ... In those years I only slept 3 hours per night, and all of my free time was in practice (there was no Facebook then). But one bright Saturday morning ... read more

Kriya is in Essence a Love of Awareness and Energy

April, 2017 by Virochana Khalsa

Kriya is in essence a love of awareness and energy within our body. The application of this love through focus, skillful means, and presence brings an inner centering and stability; awakening us as radiant light and nectar flame. read more

Matter is a Slowing Down of Space

April, 2017 by Virochana Khalsa

A slight slowing down of a region of space into itself spontaneously creates matter. Each particle of matter is the nucleus of a very slightly slowed down bit of space. read more

The Blessing Pressence of Trees

May, 2015 by Virochana

What would life be like without trees? They nourish and soothe us, give companionship and beauty, and so much more. In the words of Yeshe Tsogyal, “Trees are the lungs of the earth.” But she was not talking just about an oxygen cycle, rather how they are like antenna grounding cosmic energy into our environment. read more

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